The Gift of You

I knew Debbie just a little bit about 16 years ago when I worked with her husband briefly. I'm always curious what draws people to being photographed by me and as I strive to make my portraits show someone to themselves in a new way, I just love the reason why Debbie gave herself the gift of a very special portrait session. Read about Debbie's "Why" below, I think you'll agree that her strength and beauty shine through!

It has been a tumultuous few years to say the least, but this year I had a lot of huge changes in my life... LOTS of upheaval, we were buying a new home, the tragic and totally unexpected death of my husband, keeping normalcy for my 13 year old son and I as we process this, and in the midst of it I also turned 50.

While packing recently, I came across an old photo of my best friend, Tracy and I when we were 25 years old. My mom took the photo, it's one of my favorites.

Within about a week I was on Facebook and saw some of Robin's portrait work that were just stunning and I felt I had to do this for myself.

I wanted not only to have photo's of me but to recreate this photo of Tracy and I at 25.

When Robin and I spoke about my shoot I realized I wanted to share this with my best friend since we were both now 50. I wanted photo's of us individually and together. I felt it would be a wonderful keepsake showing us at different stages in our lives. Especially since 50 is a milestone and I really wanted to celebrate that.

It was such an amazing experience from beginning to end. Robin took the time to discuss all my options ahead of time and get a feel for what I was looking for. When we arrived the day of the shoot it was very relaxed and just a happy atmosphere. We had pretty clothes to choose from and our hair and makeup was done for us. What girl wouldn't like to be treated like a super model. We were helped with our poses, since we had no idea what we’re doing which relaxed us. Then when I saw the photo's I was just in awe of how beautiful we looked and the joy that shined through us from that day. It was just the best feeling to see how classy and beautiful we looked in each photo.

This experience helped me to see the beauty I still possess at 50. After such a tough year I had started the get down on myself and feel as if my years of being attractive where behind me. This lit a light in me that had truly gone out. And being able to share this with my best friend made it all that more special.


I have always been someone who loves to have photo documentation of special times and moments in life to be able to look back on. To have these photo's at a time in my life where I am not only struggling but right at middle age is priceless.

I can handle anything and to me these photo's represent that. I think every woman should take the time to pamper themselves and have it captured on film to remember always.


I will be able to look at them in bad times and remember that no matter what is happening in my life I am a beautiful woman and I am a strong woman.