I hate having my picture taken, it hurts to see bad photos of myself. It hurts because I think I'm seeing the truth.

Does this scenario ring a bell? I'll leave the house thinking I look pretty good, and then catch a glimpse of myself reflected back at me in the glass of my phone, the window of a shop or a car as I'm walking by, or worst of all, snapshots have been taken, and I think, "What the hell happened? Who is that?"

This is the proverbial dinner bell for my inner critical voice to feast on my now fragile, and temporarily misplaced sense of value. If I don't call BS, and rein in my little ego demon from running amok, it can spiral downhill really quickly. As a photographer who as made it her mission to take really beautiful portraits of women, I know better.

Over the past couple of years I've also made it my mission to get in front of the camera more often and with purpose. I've been photographed by a couple of truly exceptional photographers as you will see below.  It has made all the difference.

Here's what I know... not only does the camera add 10 lbs or more, but lens choice, camera angle, posing, and lighting play a REALLY BIG PART in making unflattering images, or NOT.

I also know that when the ego is pulling it's shenanigans, it works wonders to question if there is even any evidence that support it's claims. 99.99% there's not, in fact, way more often the evidence weighs heavily against the ego.

This is where having fabulous portraits made of yourself comes in. Evidence.

Let's create some ego blasting evidence.

IMG_1667 [blog002b].jpg