The moon is my jam.

I was just 4 years old, and on hot summer nights in New Mexico, bikini clad, towel in tow, I’d bathe in the light of the moon. I called it “moon tanning”. I totally remember the heat coming off of the cement and there were deep shadows born of its blue light. Car engines crackled and popped as they cooled in driveways. Cicada sounds faded as the cricket songs began.



My sisters tease me about it to this day… and I’m 53.

Now, from a slightly different perspective, I love to see it on the horizon, hanging there huge and orange. The female cycle and the ocean are empowered by its magnetic pull. Like you, it is beautiful. Like you, it is bursting to release it’s potential.


But don’t discriminate.

The full moon isn’t the only phase with potential...With a little wisdom, you can align with its magic a lot more often.  Did you know it’s recommended to plant seeds at the new moon so they will take root better?

moon phases.jpg

Each moon cycle has 8 phases over 28 days, you’ve seen them in all their glory. Each phase alternates Yin and Yang every 2-3 days, Feminine and Masculine, Magnetic attraction and Outward Action, bringing perfect balance.