So Much More

I got really vulnerable a couple of posts ago by showing what I think is a really, really bad photo of myself, because I wanted you to know that I understand this fear of getting in front of the camera.

I also want you to know that you are more than a bad photo of yourself, you are so much more.

Here's the interesting thing about self perception, we never really get to see what we look like to others, so we judge what others must think of us based on what we see in the mirror, or in bad photos, then we filter that through our self deprecating thoughts.

We never get to look into our own eyes while we are telling a great story or joke, spouting the wisdom of the ages, or when our inner light shines brightly in flirtation, triumph, or love. When we are connected to another in those deep ways they don't see in us what we think of as our flaws, they see us as we truly are, they see the depth of our spirit. This is something we rarely see ourselves, but we see it in others. It's gorgeous and amazing, because we are gorgeous and amazing creatures.

I would love to show you what everybody else sees.